Bionano Genomics completes head shoulders and then up ?

NASDAQ:BNGO   Bionano Genomics, Inc.
Bionano is a hyper-technological industry that operates at the level of the human genome.

It has developed a platform with an unprecedented ability to detect structural variations in DNA molecules, is active in research for the fight against cancer and other genetic diseases.

It presented excellent results days ago and now a category of big investors has started to direct its capital on it , typical feature in this period where many biotech and pharmaceutical companies seem to receive large inflows of capital ( see related ideas )

The advisor Marketmiracle tells us that thanks to the indicator Mmiracle Viewer decomposes the market to identify the positions on the securities of the various investors.

It generated an input signal on Bionano Genomics at a price of 7.16 usd with a target of 15.08 usd with a potential profit of 110 %.

From the fundamental point of view the company does not shine but it is a characteristic typical of all the companies that operate in the fields in which the investment in search is a necessary and determining part for the own business.

I checked the situation in the chart and it seems that the target can actually be reached after a short accumulation phase that could lead the title to the formation of a bullish head shoulders, the high volatility of the stock could then help to reach such an ambitious target.

Will Bionano Genomics succeed in its intent ? stay tuned....

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