ONTX Onconova Therapeutics good results = good growth

NASDAQ:ONTX   Onconova Therapeutics, Inc
There’s no reason in the world that a biopharmaceutical company like $ONTX that operates cancer research and has a very good quarterly should be stationary at the same price, rather lower than the time at which the quarterly report was submitted, which was excellent and above the expectations of the analyses.

After a vertical takeoff he retracted his full price going, at present, to position himself about a 15% below.

In addition, there has been a reverse split of stocks that reduces the number of shares outstanding, so the value of each individual share should increase significantly.

The advisor Marketmiracle has in fact emitted a signal LONG on the Stock to the price of 6,64 usd with a target of 622 usd that is a vertical takeoff of 9268% identifying a massive entry of capitals and of interest LONG on the Stock from some great investor.

Let’s just stay grounded and figure it out on the graph.

The graph tells us that surely the title has the ability to climb without virtually obstacles to the resistance indicated, we see them further signs and we will reason whether the great climb should continue or not.

A greater interest in biotechs and pharmaceuticals that for some time had been put aside gives us more reason to believe that the increase in price can actually take place ( see related ideas )

This idea is based on the signal generated by the Marketmiracle advisor whose link you can find by scrolling at the bottom of this page.
My analysis is based on the signals created by the advisor Marketmiracle.

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Anytime now !!!!
I have been holding since 2019 and not selling for anything less than $300
@Mihirptl29 can we see some realistic forecast of the price, I’m not saying anything about you predicting. I just want to see it reach a minimum of $20-25
Is you target $16 or $622, it is not reflected in the chart?
@HHSPN are you sure it will reach a minimum of $20-25 dollars in what period of time any estimate
@HHSPN can it run to $25 in what time frame and how long will it be.