MKD fueling up ready for take off!!

NASDAQ:MKD   Molecular Data Inc
NASDAQ:MKD As seen on the chart it is holding the fort at $1.04. Continuation should get us to the next resistance at around $1.50ish. Since it has attempted to break it twice previously we will need to watch that area carefully. However since the second shot at it had significant volume compared to the first attempt I think there will be enough interest to take this trough the $1.50 roof. But again will depend on volume so watch that carefully. Dont get scared if there is a minor pullback as it is just another opportunity to load up. Happy trading and let me know whos in this trade!!
Trade active: What about a beauty!!! went right past the resistance and retraced a bit. however it did close above the 200 MA so still looks very strong.
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