looking for bottom buy on MKD for long term equity hold

NASDAQ:MKD   Molecular Data Inc
Molecular Data has plenty of insider holdings, as well as institutional, signifying continued faith in the companies future prospects. The institutional shares at ~16% could pose a selling hazard eventually, as MKD doesn't have history of growth, if the company fails to deliver upon expectations. At the same time, such a large number shows obvious interest for a company with such a small market cap. So what appears as a double-edged sword, feels more purely beneficial to me. Nullifying further risk, the institutions hold less than either the public or the insiders respectively- at 18% and 21%. There is not enough data to see recent insider selling and buying, however, Dongliang Chang (Top Key Executive) appears to hold a whopping 13% of shares outstanding. Notably, 57% of the company's stock is held by just 5 entities.
Analyst predict 27% growth for the company over the next 1-3 years, but MKD earnings have supposedly been declining 20% a year since listing. Shares have also been diluted by 20% this past year, according to my research.
So back we are again to a double-edged sword. MKD does have a PT of $9, listed at $6 in Dec. '19, and is currently trading ~.82c a share.
One thing that is certain- in this market there are limitless amounts of overvalued, poorly structured companies' shares available for purchase. And with most all of them getting positive Price Action in this recent bull market, MKD has not received the same amount of attention and has plenty of room to rise.
As a small account trader, i own just 50 shares @.85c. This is NOT a recommendation to trade MKD in any manner whatsoever.