Way oversold, will look for support to add- Bullish

NASDAQ:MNMD   Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc. - Subordinate Voting Shares
RSI in the oversold range, with volume MNMD , should really pop. Also do like this long, strong team of scientists behind the company. Looking for a support level to add more- will write CCs against my shares. Just some FIB levels to watch and Supply/Demand zones- HODL
PT1- 10$
PT2- Moon


I’m really looking at their studies & treatments regarding psilocybin as a treatment/therapy for PTSD, anxiety, and cluster headaches
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mysoulbeauty josiason17420
@josiason17420, it will never reach to the stage of FDA approval plus they are illiquid company
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josiason17420 mysoulbeauty
@mysoulbeauty, - Check out what they have in clinical trials, given that Oregon decriminalized almost all illicit substances, you're argument is moot. Kevin O'Leary (Mr. Wonderful) is also a big investor, feel free to check out his thesis-
I respect you're opinion but if you're looking for an easy short, in my opinion, you're in the wrong place. Best of luck in the markets to you!
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thisishector josiason17420
@josiason17420, lol what is @mysoulbeauty talking about illiquid? They have plenty of cash and the proper way to say the first part of what he was trying to say is "It will never get FDA approval." but instead chose to say "it will never reach to the stage of FDA approval" which is broken English. Fun Fact: They are also studying like 4 different things for treating a wide range of things from depression to opiate addiction so some more detail would be much appreciated from anyone just blanket trying to say "it will never get approval".
If you’ve ever done mushrooms you can understand the power they possess. LSD not quite as useful in me. But my god are shrooms a game changer for depression. That’s why I’m in on these and a few others.
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ScamMed manipulated people ! Avoid like plague. If you hold this trash then sell because its eager to get back to 1$ level soon