KUCOIN:MOVRUSDT   Moonriver / Tether
MOVR has really paid off for those who went through the KSM auction and I believe it's still has more to give.

Tokens are being launched there, fees are cheap, and tx speed is fast (a touch slower than AVAX from my experience).

Chart looks good as well. I believe correction is over, we may consolidate for a bit before breakout.
Comment: Support has held and expected consolidation underway, although if BTC stays upright then I'd expect it won't last too long.

Comment: BTC looks quite iffy, so here is bearish scenario should BTC drop.

Comment: Deviation on both sides and now back in range.

Still bullish overall

Comment: This time looks much bette with a successful retest of resistance. If the day closes above, then I'm pretty confident we continue up.

Comment: definitely some indecision on this one. I've expanded the range, another touch of support would be another buy op for me.

MOVR fundamentals seem stronger every time I do more digging on it, especially the tokenomics which don't have seed or private sale unlocks to worry about. The people who got their MOVR for free earned it by locking up their KSM and those are all out in the market now or locked up for staking.

Long term bullish, short term, not sure