second pair up on our markups for today is NAS 100 otherwise known as the NASDAQ pretty similar looking setup here we have a bullish swing range with a swing higher and a swing low preformed the Main point we need to focus on here is the swing high technically has not been formed through to regular price action it's actually been formed from the gap that was created at market open meaning that this swing high may not be as clear and as clean as we would expect for a normal swing high this does not change the probability of the swing low holding orders as this was formed pre gap we have inducement at our lower POI and we also have internal price action which could lead us to sell this lower we would expect the gap to be filled even though it is represented as one large candle on this price chart.

Remember to always read order flow and follow what price is showing you instead of trading based on your desired direction. And, as always, stick to your risk and your plan.

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