Here on nas100 we have a bearish swing range with a nice collection on confluences, firstly the range is a strong sell range, secondly we have clear IMB and FVG to show us directional strength and power, we also have a clear NY open POI which as discussed in previous posts can provide sone great POIs overall, we know of course that this POI/RANGE was given to us during news alike many of the other pairs effected... BUT as always we follow what we see and how the market is delivering to us!

So we follow our ranges and look for shorts from our POI.

Remember to always read order flow and follow what price is showing you instead of trading based on your desired direction. And, as always, stick to your risk and your plan.

We'll be closely monitoring market openings and price action throughout the week. If you find this analysis useful, let us know in the comments below and hit the boost button to show your support. Here's to a successful week of trading!