N1 has been sweeping stops better than a cleaner over the last 2 sessions of the week, but you and i have seen these moves before, and a lot of the time we know it means a big shift is coming, iam personally not going to trade this yet until we get a nice clean entry more than likely around our NY session Monday, this is to do with the way ive traded nas in the past and also proven in back testing, when we sweep traders run like sheep. we chose to wait instead of run, this includes the first session of this week we are looking for a clean LDN OR NY open entry to follow a move out of this range, iam more inclined to say we are going up even those we are sitting in a sell range as of inclined to fridays session.

Remember to always read order flow and follow what price is showing you instead of trading based on your desired direction. And, as always, stick to your risk and your plan.

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