4 Market Stages Every Trader Should Know

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In this video, I explained in detail the market stages.

Note: You have to watch it to correct your---trading mistakes.

market stages: a2d2=hr

1st: accumulation. . .(market gather/looking for buyers). in this stage, stop-hunters are usually out to hunt.

tips: watch the trend and avoid the first breakout.

2nd: advanced . . .(buyers won)
this stage—the confirmation has been made.
tip: to get in—know thy MS

3rd: distribution. . .(range starts, product exhausted—where are the damned sellers?)
we are in need of more supply.

tip: avoid the range!

4th: decline. . .(oops! supply needed, bad economy—inflation. . .might be anything) we just down big time.

tip: “buy the dip!” nah. . .scratch that!
invest in the dip. cos’ as traders we win either way

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