Sunday, 10 October 2021
1:23 AM ( WIB )

OK. First thing to do is remember: trading is all about making money, not loosing money. So, be careful when it comes to trades.

I see Bears so confidence when the price touch the third of resistance, with huge volumes that bring down the price below the middle lines of uptrend. Bollinger Band also showing Bears is in control of Natural Gas , with possibility to breaks down the support lines from 4 Hours of Trading Session. Last Friday, the price moved upside and hit the current resistance with a false breaks out. Now, the price get inside again. I can see how Bears want to breaks down the uptrend and bring down the price into Daily Support Lines of Trading Session. It means, could get about 30% more. But, the price has to be pass $5.278 first to confirm the downtrend. However, the uptrend lines still on the move. The probability between move down or move up still at 50%:50%.

Meanwhile, the uptrend support lines has been third times. So, this is possible becomes the fourth. The price it self need to be confirm with testing the highest resistance from the support lines. So I decide to wait for the price to get inside my Liquidity area for open purchase order. Be careful in here, because the price could fall more lower, into $5.370. So, I have to focus on Natural Gas movement next week.

Anyway, If the price could breaks down low into $5.278, it is open wide the downtrend will begin. Because the support lines will become the resistance from that movement. With target to hit Daily Support Lines of Trading Session. When the price at Daily Support Lines, I will open purchase order from this point. Because the probability to move upside will be huge about 80%.

Best regards,
"Live to Ride and Ride to Live"