The NEO 10x'er

If you're here, right now in April 2019 reading this, you are in a fantastic position to rake on NEO. A few things stand out immediately as it relates to timing.

1. The bottom is in, and it was (essentially) at .00017 BTC .
2. There is a new uptrend established on the purple line, bouncing off it three times since Dec 20,2018.
3. At the beginning of April the 20 EMA moved in a unique direction - nearly vertical.

NEO is absolutely primed to explode. In addition to the bottom being in, we can look back to NEO's previous two major runs and see similarly sized parabolic rises. These runs are replicated in the box A. You can see cup & handle potential for NEO on this chart, and this tall rectangle would serve as the handle extension. I'm looking for that run to happen at the breach of .006178 (A) or at the breach of .0095 (B). My targets would be:

A: .018
B: .021

Even if the prior runs aren't replicated, it's hard to look at this chart and not see it for what it is. We're less than 4 months away from the bottom of a coin that previously traded for >$150. It's currently $13.36.

The sweeter part of this trade is that NEO generates GAS while you hold it. GAS is a tradeable token on major exchanges carrying decent liquidity.

This is as win-win as it gets. Enjoy!