Natural Gas futures slipping. NG1

There has been quite a bit of turmoil in Europe with Russia and Natural gas and dwindling supplies. All that cause quite a stellar run up in gas prices. We believe that the overall run on natural gas is not done, but that we are taking a short and temporary break. After all, winter has not even started.

We are not in the business of getting every prediction right, no one ever does and that is not the aim of the game. The Fibonacci targets are highlighted in purple with invalidation in red. Fibonacci goals, it is prudent to suggest, are nothing more than mere fractally evident and therefore statistically likely levels that the market will go to. Having said that, the market will always do what it wants and always has a mind of its own. Therefore, none of this is financial advice, so do your own research and rely only on your own analysis. Trading is a true one man sport. Good luck out there and stay safe!
Trade closed: target reached
Trade closed: target reached: Second one 10th NOV