(2h) It's Natural to gain Gas at some point ...

NYMEX:NG1!   Natural Gas Futures

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Comment: #1 Head and Shoulders
#2 Double bottom
#3 Broken neck
#4 Found resistance...

... a pullback at 61.8% retracement will print the 2618 bullish trade setup;

Projections as an ABCD pattern where A to B is equal to C to D will put the price at cypher territory and that can be the pull back zone to come to test previous structure... but first things first, for now, just a broken neck and a pressure zone above it (resistance), let's wait for the price to come to the 618 retracement for the 2618, or a direct structure breakout...

Obviously, any candle closing below the double bottom will invalidate this thought :)

Safe Trades;