NKN - 100x opportunity

On the above 1-day chart price action has corrected 95% since April 2021. A number of reasons now exist to be long, including:

1) The ‘incredible buy’ signal.

2) Broken price action and RSI resistance.

3) Price action is testing past resistance (green line), look at the weekly chart below.

4) Price action has corrected to the golden ratio (see weekly chart below).

5) Nudge nudge wink wink. Don’t know what I mean? Shame.

Is it possible price action falls further? Sure.

Is it probable? no.


Type: trade
Risk: <=6% of portfolio
Timeframe: don’t know.
Return: $8 or 100x

Weekly chart

3-day BTC pair
Do you see the Bullish divergencies building on the daily chart? 11 oscillators printing divergence in the past couple of day over a 30 day period.

Trade active:
Don't worry about trying to time the bottom, not with a 100x opportunity.
The 3-day appears to have confirmed the support off past resistance.

Trade active:
Wedge breakout + the 'pi-cycle' bottom indicator illuminated.

A big move is coming..
The BTC 3-day pair (someone asked below)

Trade active:
We're styling... get this idea over 100 likes and I'll commit to identifying the top.
BTC pair for NKN confirms Bull Flag breakout. You think 50% today was a lot?
A measured move from Wave 1 'bull flag' break out takes price action to just under 4000% for Wave 3.

Trade active:
Another 12hr resistance breakout.

1) Price action breaks out of past resistance.

2) Corrects and stops on past resistance as support.

3) Support is also the golden ratio.

Isn't that fantastic? We can now forecast a 50% move in a relatively short space of time. However this idea has far far more upside on the larger time frames.

PS: Not trading this. If you want me to post updates with swing trade opportunities, ask below.

15hr above not 12hr
Price action corrects to the golden ratio that is also past resistance, look left.

Probably a good moment as price action breaks out of resistance

Trade active
Was about to add the 4hr chart with the IB buy signal before it blew up. There's a number of other alt-tokens printing the same signal at this time on recently published ideas.

To users of the indicator, scan through the 4hr charts, you'll find those IB buy signals quite quickly.

Some education

This was NKN before it blew up - was there a tell tell sign? Yes.

Can you see the dash purple line? The 100-week SMA


1) A candle has already close as support. It can be a DOJI or an indecision candle.

2) A ‘Great buy’ or ‘incredible buy’ signal preceded.

This is POND before a 30% move.

Go through the ideas I’ve published, look at the BTC pairs.

Here’s a freebie - Alchemy Pay (ACH)

Have gone through a number of others, you’ll have to look. Simply put, a very few number of alt tokens are doing this right now.

Another BTC pair printing on the 100-day (actually 2-day/50-day SMA).

If you can't find a public MA on tradingview to print the 2-day/50-day SMA then message me and I'll share the one you see in my charts above.

Another example - Injector INJ . Just like NKN

Trade active:
close shorts
Trade active
87 and onwards
Trade active:
See the back-test of price action on the bull flag?? See the life cross? (smaller blue circles). All good.

5-day chart
Trade active
Its time.
Up 50% since "Its time" update... quick quick, is it time to FOMO before it flys past $1 and beyond?

Can you spot the other "Its time" tokens ??


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