omg what if this actually plays out and we are in a parabola?

BITTREX:NLGUSD   Gulden / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I get the feeling that parabolic price action is about to commence due to scarcity. Especially if new, larger exchanges and increased awareness about the project starts to really take hold, which I see as simply a matter of time and acceptance. But quite honestly, this pretty damn near term move is not even out of the realm of possibility given 1. recent price action, increased trading volumes and 2. it is still nowhere close to its former ATH and 3. newfound speculative fervor in the multiplicity of use cases Gulden could begin to advertise is bound to kick in at some point pretty soon here.. 4. still oversold conditions on the weekly RSI 5. the likelihood that the project will achieve largely liquidity, investor-based exchange listings in conjunction with its relative scarcity compared to price, 6. all of this just feels right as my gut tells me several big things are in the works.
Comment: This particular timeline trajectory was negated as evidenced by the whole sector selling off instead of moving higher. That makes the current buy in price of 2 cents a screaming deal for more accumulation and once the downward pressure of all these short term bears locking in gains from last year's bottom/and retail buys getting liquidated with the lower volume, we will go up up and away as originally planned. In aviation terms it is called a "weather delay".
Comment: Flight postponement instead of weather delay it seems. Everything is super oversold, even better prices for reaccumulation, just a more prolonged rainy ichimoku cloud pattern than initially expected. Lots of use case development discussion is going on now so as to create more exposure/increased demand.