NASDAQ:NNDM   Nano Dimension Ltd
Long story short I've become yet another bag holder in a company who plans to wait out the pandemic and not adapt to the changing time. From a Ta perspective the company is in a continuous down trend I marked an alert at 5.70 in the event it crosses we are going to the presumed bottom of an older gap at 5.38. From a fundamental point the company CEO told investors in so many words to basically wait and be patient so I take that is this earnings coming on the 14th will show little catalyst so sideways movement hopefully at a stable point to average down and wait as told. Personally, ill be watching this one very loosely until it cross a conviction level of 6.50; however, we got a few other levels to beat first.
Comment: Also the short term SMA and long term SMA shows Both price and directional weakness.
Comment: TBH after HHSPN comment I reconcidered various levels and added 5.58, and 5.52 ( my DCA point based on my avg cost); however, it did indeed touch 5.58 then rest the rest of the day around 5.69 area. my idea remains the same with earnings approaching so is further weakness