I’m short on the NQ

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
You can see that nq still isn’t broken out of downtrend. This s seen best on the daily chart . It hasn’t made a higher high so far. It will if it makes it passed 13819 but it has tried for a while now to break resistance at 13735 to 13770 but it failed on multiple occasions. Also you can see nice negative divergence on RSI at bottom of my chart.

So I am in a short position now. We have a good defense with resistance oat 13770 and then a supply zone at 13820 which is also a strong 786 fib. A good defense wins games and this is what we have here. My stop is just above the supply zone . My 1st target is the 618 fib or 13626. Which is a cute little profit that I’ll take. And then I will reanalize here and see what my next move will be. Stay tuned!

Ms . Bunny


I trust your intuition!
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PuckBunny uhljarrobert
@uhljarrobert, thank you for your trust! I take it seriously and very appreciate that :)

I was 1 point from being stopped out on this trade at 13700. But I look like I’m still in it. Hopefully staying that way.

❤️ Ms Bunny
uhljarrobert PuckBunny
@PuckBunny, I like to do the same, but I'm still in it!
Everything seems correct in your análisis 👌
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PuckBunny randall08v
@randall08v, thank you! And I appreciate you reading. Youre input is very welcome always! :)
13700 support from april 2 times. backtesting now. i'll be more short convinced if we break that ?
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How can I sell my btc
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PuckBunny Cletus70
@Cletus70, I’m sorry dear, I do not understand this question. It sounds if you need help? Please if you could explain more I can help maybe?
Great work as always!!! Thank you for taking the time to share your market sentiment!
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PuckBunny enmanuelgarcia
@enmanuelgarcia, thank you dear for reading. This is so much appreciated! :)