NASDAQ - NQ Black-Swan Scenario

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The Red Pitchfork is a Pendulum-Fork.

It grabs the biggest Swings and projects the most probable path of price, like in this chart.

The Count starts at P0 and relies on the REAL Swings that I teach you guys & gals. Therefore the Bump from the green Support-Line is NOT a Up-Swing. It's just the center part of a Sine-Wave.

Then P3 is created, breaking the Support from the Low of P1, and continues up to the Center-Line of the Orange Pitchfork at P4.

Since we know that
a) price has a high chance to turn in the opposite direction after reaching the Center-Line
b) The Pivot Count ends and restarts at P5
c) Price is still trading within the Red Pendulum-Fork

...we have a 80% Chance to reach the Center-Line of the Pendulum Fork around 1100 or even lower.

By when?
No clue yet, but have to drink another Coffee to read in the Ground again later §8-)

OK, I admit, that's a kind of a Black-Swan event.
But, I just follow my rules, my Framework and that is what I currently see.

The opposite side of this is, that the 0-3/5 Count is just a simple "Flag", and price Skyrockets to the green Center-Line of the Green Fork, around 16050 - 16250,

Taking the overall World situation, the incredible debt of countries like the USA, EU and others into the Blue-Print, I vote for the first scenario.

My Helmet sits tight.

There we have it.

Price reached the U-MLH and is at it's extreme according to the rules of the Medianlines.

From now on, I'm stalking a short signal intraday.

Is it starting? Let's let it close inside for more information:

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