Weekly Plan NQ Futures Week Of 10-9

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
10/09 Weekly Plan. NQ Futures December NQZ2023.

Weekly Pivot is 14,988 [13D balance HB zone

15,151 9/20 gap top + 10/6 spike top
15,361 9/18-9/22 weekly vpoc
15,514 prior 5D balance half back

14,816 250% extension of 5D balance break down
14,628 13D balance zone low
14,526 6/8 gap bottom

Now trading at 15,020 NQZ

You will receive alerts in this channel every time NQ hits (2M candle close):
Weekly opening 15,040.
Weekly pivot at 14,988.
Each weekly target.

Side notes:
Current 13 days balance zone is H15,436 / HB15,011 / L14,586
When trading off weekly levels, each level will act as support and resistance, “no trade zones” do not apply to weekly plan.

NQ Weekly Plan Video >>>> www.tradingview.com/...utures-Week-Of-9-24/ @everyone