Weekly Plan NQ Futures 4/14/2024

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
Weekly plan: NQH2024
NQ FUTURES 4/07/2024
18406 >> 18566 >>> 18718
Weekly pivot: 18284, Now 18172, Weekly Open TBD
18063 >> 17934>>> 17734


Based on the provided levels for the NQH2024 futures contract, here's a weekly trade plan focusing on trading from the pivot to the upside or downside targets:

Weekly Pivot: 18284
Current Price: 18172

Upside Targets:

First Target: 18406
Second Target: 18566
Third Target: 18718
Downside Targets:

First Target: 18063
Second Target: 17934
Third Target: 17734
Trade Plan:

Long Trades: Look for buying opportunities if the price remains above the weekly pivot (18284).

Entry: Consider entering long positions on pullbacks towards the pivot (18284) or if the price breaks above the current price (18172).

Targets: Target the upside levels of 18406, 18566, and potentially 18718.

Stop Loss: Place a stop loss below the pivot or below significant support levels identified during the week.

Short Trades: Consider shorting the market if the price breaks below the weekly pivot (18284) or the current price (18172).

Entry: Enter short positions on breakdowns below the pivot (18284) or the current price (18172).

Targets: Aim for downside targets of 18063, 17934, and potentially 17734.

Stop Loss: Place a stop loss above the pivot or above significant resistance levels identified during the week.

Risk Management:

Ensure proper risk management by sizing positions appropriately based on the distance to target and stop loss levels.

Consider using trailing stops to lock in profits as the price moves in your favor.

Monitor the market closely for any changes in price action or news events that could affect the trade.

Note: Always adapt your trading plan based on real-time market conditions and adjust your approach as necessary to manage risk effectively.