NASDAQ:OAS   Oasis Petroleum Inc
Im thinking this stock is about done getting sold, WTIC is closing in on $42 everyday, DXY is in free fall, markets r heading to new ATH's. I'm going long for $2

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Energy stocks often require a "long basing period,"sometimes months years, after such a very sharp decline as seen here.
So be careful to set your trading expectations accordingly. Could be dead money for awhile.
And pay attention to what Point and Figure charts are saying about OAS, in all time frames.
Best of luck here. I am watching this myself. Thank you.
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Big_Mike716 The_Unwind
@The_Unwind, huge vol off the bottom, 1/3 float is short Im thinking a squeeze b4 a range.. but I agree I may need to wait longer here
Nice set-up
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