OEG; Short Chart Analysis, Psychological study

NASDAQ:OEG   Orbital Energy Group, Inc
This is in no way, shape or form, fluid and function, an analytical, qualitative or intelligent compte rendu. There is absolutely no financial advice here because the only financial advice I can give is to research, research, and research. The purpose of this analysis is to serve as an example of an investigation into a company's background, fundamentals, and assets through various lenses to determine if it is a good potential investment for you. The function of this write up is to serve as an educational resource for investors looking to understand how to find good investments. So read and learn some things about a trade that might be of suitable risk to you. All of my analysis is on the chart, please read it and leave me with any questions. I view OEG as a swing trade right now, with potential to get back to $10 very quickly, heading back down to $4 or breaking the camel's hump and jumping up to $20+. This is a considerably risky trade, I know next to nothing about the company at this time, and am currently researching and deciding if I want to write anything on them. For legal reasons, I own 80 shares at a price of $6.17/share. This is strictly for compliance of European regulations, not financial guidance. For legal reasons, this is not financial advice, I am not a financial advisor, and the only one who can make your investment decisions is you. A court will not find me suitable to stand trial, so good luck suing me bud.

But seriously, good luck, keep it smart and keep it cool. Research, knowledge is your weapon!