Origin Protocol (OGN) to $3

BINANCE:OGNUSDT   Origin Protocol / TetherUS
On the above 3-day chart price action has corrected 98% since April 2021. A number of reasons now exist to be long, including:

1) Price action and RSI resistance breakouts.

2) Trend reversal. Higher highs higher lows replace lower highs lower lows.

3) Support and resistance. (Orange circles). Look left. Price action confirms support on past resistance, which is also legacy support.

4) Strong positive divergence between price action and the oscillators.

5) The falling wedge is a reliable chart pattern for forecasting future targets. A measured move from the lowest to the highest touch points (blue circles) inside the wedge is taken to forecast future price action. From the breakout point the target is $3.

6) Has a USD-BTC score of 35-21. Some of you know what this means, some of you don’t!

Is it possible price action corrects further? Sure.
Is it probable? No.


Type: trade
Risk: <= 6%
Timeframe for long: Yesterday
Return: 20-30x depending on entry
Trade active:
Past resistance confirms support.

If you would like to do this for yourself, just look at the weekly chart. Not 1, 2, 3, 4, but 5 weekly candles confirm past resistance as support. Support and resistance!
Hold until $3
No matter the token you look at right now the market has become incredibly technical. By that I mean levels of support and resistance are quickly tested with confirmation. Trends establish themselves in days.

On the 30 minute chart of OGN below the last seven days are shown. (Not a time my studies use, just to only to make a point). You can easily see the trend changes with support & resistance levels confirming.

What does this tell you about the weeks ahead? Momentum is coming. Lots of it.

30 minute
2-day life cross.
Also, look left, black line. Look where price action has now confirmed support.

On this Day, December 27th 2023, the Gaussian Channel on the 5-day chart switches to Green. Has only happened once before in the history of price action on this token. A 900% move printed over the next 8 weeks with the previous confirmation.

Trade active:
Hidden bullish divergence prints on the daily chart. Compared with regular divergence (easier to spot), hidden divergencies often result in stronger price action moves.

Did you load up?? The next 12 weeks will make you a mint, if you let it.
Trade active
The 2-week chart confirms support on past resistance. The last time that happened, January 2021, price action popped up 1700% inside 6 weeks!
Failed support. Seems like the 10 cent area may well be tested once more.

8 day
Very nice bullish divergence printing on the 18hr


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