$OMG Trading Idea & 2018 Price Projection for #OmiseGO

BITTREX:OMGBTC   OMG Network / Bitcoin
Following-on from its successful launch and fantastic run-up in the Crypto markets in the second half of 2017, $OMG has been able to quickly establish itself as a kind of "non-controversial" token, which most Crypto Currency enthusiasts accept as one that has a very good chance of delivering on that coveted promise of "Real World Adoption".

OmiseGO has many things going for it that most other projects don't, most notably are its association with the already established payments solutions company Omise in South East Asia, and the stellar list of individuals that are listed as advisors.

As someone who follows the space very closely, it seems as though VItalik Buterin has been supporting and promoting $OMG almost as much as he has been promoting Ethereum . This perception is potentially due to the PR efforts of the OmiseGO team, but either way, I view their useful use of marketing as a huge plus for the projects chance to be successful as well as a good investment.

Broadly speaking, it's my belief that in the coming years we will see the Digital Currency space fragment into different sectors/niches, utilities and regions. If this were to be the outcome and Crypto Currencies are indeed going to become "The Norm", it's very likely that a token like $OMG will come-out as a leader in the Asia-Pacific region. A region where #CryptoMania has exploded over the last 12 months.

In the meantime, my price projection is based on the theory that $OMG will have the type of year that $LTC & $DASH had in 2017. In the context of the volatile and unpredictable Crypto markets, $OMG is perhaps one of the safest bets to have a solid bullish run throughout #AltSeason2018.

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