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Harmony Update 29/03/21
Nice bounce from the 50SMA on the 28th March, Harmony is still in a bullish continuation pattern and is now retesting ATH level and 11% from the 127.20% Fibonacci level. We expect the price to test and break above this price level @ $0.23. See previous analysis below. Happy Trading :)

Harmony Update 27/03/21
Harmony 52% Gain from DCA Zone, use Buy Zone to accumulate more coins at the 78.60% Fibonacci Level or set your Buys if you are not already riding this wave. See previous analysis below. Happy Trading :)

Harmony Update 25/03/21
After this Huge parabolic move from the 28th February Harmony has finally taken a small breather, not this move is not showing any signs of exhaustion just yet, our next price target at the 127.20% Fibonacci level @ $0.23. Be patient from the current price level if you are not yet invested, the last 2 dips have been very weak retracements and we still have a bullish outlook on ONE . Great news for your portfolio if you have been riding this wave with us, if not be patient, use current DCA zone to map your entries from here. A sniper entry at the 78.60% Fibonacci is the perfect area to Buy in. 52% Gain from our DCA Zone to the 127.20% Fibonacci level which is our current next target on this continuation pattern. Happy Trading :)

Understanding Harmony ONE

Harmony ONE protocol implements cutting edge solutions to combat blockchain scalability challenges without giving up security and privacy instead, reinforcing them. The protocol is focusing on community participation as they intend to increase the adoption of blockchain technology. Harmony took blockchain sharding up a notch to make the blockchain faster without sacrificing its security and makes onboarding of new nodes easier for any accepted node.
Sharding from Harmony ONE Protocol

Harmony protocol uses beacon nodes to randomize validating nodes to different shards after each epoch. Though being a validator themselves, Beacon nodes accept stakes from all validating nodes. Harmony protocol contains four shards with the capacity for 1000 validating nodes of which there are currently 640 nodes from the community. When nodes in each shard find a block, the block header is sent to the beacon nodes which in turn broadcast them to the whole network. The block header contains the identifier for each block such as the blockchain version number, previous block hash, timestamp of the block, etc. Apart from the fact that the randomized sharding increases the security of the blockchain, the implementation of beacon nodes and saving block header further improves security, speed, and lowers the storage size for each node.

Update from March 21st

Harmony ( ONE ) Parabolic after the 13 EMA Crossed up 50 SMA , will update this chart with some key Buy Zones, for now lets enjoy this ride up to next key resistance. #ONE $ONE

This blockchain has given our portfolio 30x Gains since purchasing in early January. What a journey so far and we are not even in Alt season yet! Whats your eoy targets? Personally I think $1 is very conservative at this rate and we might even reach higher price levels before EOY.

Will update EOY Targets and critical Buy Zones for entry. Happy Trading :)