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This one doesn't take a genius to figure out. Unless you have insider information telling us that this company is about to close it's doors, then this is what I would call a safe bet.


I was going to find a solar stock so I had a good excuse to continue my monologue on sustainability, but I will just do it here. It helps me put my thoughts together knowing I have such an educated audience.

Recently I have been thinking about how can young people who are really focused on guiding the world towards sustainability change the way they view the older generations. At the moment, it is really difficult to characterize the older generations in a light differently than as a bumbling fool that can only see what's directly in front of him/her, with no apparent care for longevity of life on earth. Treating the earth as if it's going down in flames and we are just hanging on as long as we can and accepting our fate of what would essentially be eventual damnation. As this characterization seems to be in a slightly negative tone, I know I have to dig deeper to get to a more suitable answer. It makes a lot of sense to me how older people would want to look back on their lives and see that they left the Earth a better place for their descendants. However, if I put myself in their shoes, I would see younger generations that are so concerned with fixing problems, and course correcting, that they seem unable to enjoy the trip. This in turn, would make me feel like I (in the elders' shoes) didn't do a very good job, and would possibly cast me into despair knowing that my actions and the actions of the people around me contributed directly to the current plight the world is facing. This isn't true of everyone. I know lots of people my age (young adult) that are dolts. The world is still churning them out at a higher than comfortable rate. On the same note, I have to look at the older generations and say, again, this isn't true of everyone. If Martin Luther King Jr. were still alive, he would be 92. Nelson Mandela would be over 100. Those are some pristine examples, however, they function as an example to destroy our all encompassing characterization of elders as bumbling fools.

The greatest challenge facing our current generation of problem solvers is averting the major crises like overpopulation and irreversible habitat destruction. It's comforting to me that these ideas were hitting mainstream government as early as 1992 when 193 countries signed on to the Sustainable Development Goals long before we could have predicted the severity of what was around the corner. These are some lofty goals, but it's nice to have them in front of you just as a reminder of the reality that people are dealing with these problems on a daily basis; problems mainly caused by corrupt or poorly calculated political decision making.

This is a fantastic list. It's straight from dreamland, but it's a heck of a list:

- Good health and well being
- quality education
- Zero hunger
- gender equality
- no poverty
- responsible consumption and production
- clean water and sanitation
- decent work and economic growth
- conserve and sustain life in the water
- reduced inequalities
- industry, innovation, and infrastructure
- conserve and sustain life on land
- climate action
- sustainable cities and communities
- affordable and clean energy
- partnerships for the goals
- peace, justice, and strong institutions

Tell me there isn't a single person on planet Earth that doesn't deserve to have all of those checked off. These are the expectations the younger generations want to shoulder. Standing by your beliefs would be a heck of good way to get started.