Ontrak seems not to want to forget the prices of the past

NASDAQ:OTRK   Ontrak, Inc.
The company Ontrak has always proved to be an excellent partner for care centers, unfortunately in recent months one of their major customers has decided to abandon the contract with the company Ontrak.

This has led to a rapid decline in prices, but the company is proving to have a good basis to start again, the technology they produce is essentially unique and at the top of the category.

Currently Ontrak comes defined 'heavy undervalued' in the sites of reference that I use for the fundamental analysis that is the price of the action turns out to be 85.4% under to the just value.

Maybe that’s why many big investors are coming back to invest in Ontrak, I find the indicator Miracle Viewer that detects the flows of money categorizing them by type of players.

And that’s why the Market miracle advisor gave an input signal on Ontrak at the price of 31.19 usd and a target of 35.98 usd or with a possible profit of 15.37%

Analyzing the diagram is clear as it is drawing a reversal to U slightly in climb that testifies the strong pressure of purchase on the Stock.

Looking at the cyclical nature of the big players I expect that in the coming weeks or at most within the next month the purchase pressure increases further, so I venture to make a further forecast for a second possible target.

This idea is based on the signal generated by the Marketmiracle advisor whose link you can find by scrolling at the bottom of this page.
A new signal updates the target price to 37,15

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