TenX(PAY) positioned for a good bullish entry

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
TenX (PAY) has been massively sold down. It has retraced all of its rally from August 10th, and about 85% of it's total August rally. This was compounded by the panic caused by Bitcoin's recent correction. As long as the correction in BTC is over, it looks likely that TenX will continue to rebound. There are very bullish candle patterns and price/momentum divergence on the H4 and D1 charts. VWMA's are showing a solid uptrend on H1 - D1 charts. I'm looking for an entry around 0.00071 BTC - 0.00068 BTC depending on the price action on the lower time frames. First goal is around 0.0009 BTC , and second goal is near 0.001 BTC if the trend holds up.


Great correction underway. Looking for a very high reward/risk ratio entry in the 0.00064 - 0.0006 level now. This dropped quickly so it's best to wait for solid confirmation of a bottom forming.
petrivoges7c HughGRection
@HughGRection, should i wait a bit longer before going in on 0.00064?