TenX Pay Token – Huge Opportunity ( 2x -- 3x --- 4x Potential )

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
All pattern and indicators looks BULLISH !!

Just We need to be sure that the company dont have serious problems !

Please update me about the news!

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visa cancelled their cards usage. They have to reissue all the cards they have already sent out.
RayPenbar fkashem1986
@fkashem1986, i heard that but need more info about future. thanks for comment
bibanhoai RayPenbar
@RayPenbar, this issue affects the price of this coin too much. On the tenx facebook, alot of people complain about this problem so I think the price only fly when the issue is solved. Poor me, I got a bag of pay token one day before the issue was released.