TenX (PAY) Updated Targets (223% Earnings Potential)

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
When the Altcoins market started to retrace and we fully entered the bear market, many of our trades went on hold. I promised that each time a coin received action, I would update my past trade with new targets and relevant information for the present.

Here you have the updated targets for TenX (PAY). You can always visit the old trades if you want more details on this coin.

You can use these targets to sell for profits when the time comes.
TenX Pay Token (PAY) Targets


(1) 0.000199
(2) 0.000224


(1) 0.000259
(2) 0.000292
(3) 0.000339
(4) 0.000398
(5) 0.000571


These targets are based on the all time high back from August 2017. These are really long term targets, TenX Pay will need a huge push in order to challenge these, yet, here you have them for reference and just in case, we all know how GREAT / AWESOME / PROFITABLE & CRAZY the cryptocurrency market can be...

(1) 0.000502
(2) 0.000739
(3) 0.000931
(4) 0.001122
(5) 0.001395
(6) 0.001743 (All time high)
(7) 0.002746 (New all time high)
TenX news

Litecoin and TenX Pay Token:
TenX Pay updates on Litecoin & Blockfolio:

Thanks a lot for the likes, share, follow, comments and the incredibly support.

It is always highly appreciated, and I will always be thankful for you... ALWAYS...

And know that... YOU TRULY DESERVE THE BEST!!!

Comment: You can find my old TenX Pay Token trade by clicking on the image below, if you want additional details on this coin:
Comment: PAY is consolidating to try and gain enough momentum to move up.

It was creating a reversal, but it didn't work out. Yet, we are still above the SMA20 and 50 lines and the price has been holding nice.

Here is the chart:
Trade closed manually: TenX (PAY) has tried a million times to break up with no success.

This trade is now closed. Feel free to sell.
Comment: After closing this trade, TenX (PAY) is finally moving.

If you kept these coins, we reached our first two short term targets:
TenX Pay Token (PAY) Targets


(1) 0.000199 * Target reached 16 May *
(2) 0.000224 * Target reached 16 May *

If you are still holding TenX (PAY), you can use the targets above as reference to know when to sell for profits.

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@aallee, Thanks for sharing.
Dr. Hosp keeps saying they're getting close to the banking license. None of these companies trying to put out a pre-paid cyrpto debit card can succeed without being their own bank. The central bankers are blocking them for a variety of reasons but the main ones being taxes and maintaining fiat dominance. When TenX is finally granted their license in Singapore, this is gonna be a degree of "moon" we haven't seen in a while.
+1 Reply
AlanSantana megalo99
@megalo99, Let's hope so. I am hoping for an amazing ride and definitely looking forward to trying their product. A crypto-debit card is exactly what I want and need to give around to friends and family.
+1 Reply
megalo99 AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Charlie Lee has been reaching out to a lot of different folks, through the litecoin foundation, and approaching them about a pre-paid crypto debit card. Just did it again with Derek Capo of TPAY, and Capo says he signed an NDA with them now. Seems to me this is picking up momentum as of late. Hosp has alluded they are close, and the actions sure suggest as much.
continue hodl ??
sushrest thanhtrungntu
@thanhtrungntu, Dont hodl this ... u will get rekt
This trade is not going well ^^
Should we hold ?
AlanSantana peyoancele
@peyoancele, We've been shown over and over, that patience is the key.