TenX (PAY) Strong Long Fundamentals Trade (760%+ Potential)

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
TenX Pay Token (PAY) has been proven to be a very solid coin. It normally goes against Bitcoin , meaning, when Bitcoin goes down TenX tends to go up, and when Bitcoin goes up TenX tends to go down. With Bitcoin losing momentum, this might be a great a time to take a closer look at TenX Pay... but this isn't the only indicator, I have a fundamentals based trade for you today. Let's take a look... let's trade!!!

I started a long term trade for this coin back in December 4 2017, so far, it is still looking solid and even with the very deep and strong market wide correction, the price swings for PAY has been small compared to many of the coins available on this market.

There is also rumor that PAY is going to be added to Binance. It actually looks like a Binance friendly coin. This can give a nice boost to our trade if this comes to happen (this hasn't been confirmed, do not take this as a signal but rather just as a rumor that might come true).

News: COMIT NETWORK is being released, a new platform linking cryptocoins together for payments. (I received this tip from a very good source that only trades on fundamentals. He is strong on PAY based on coming news). More info:

Plus some events coming soon where TenX Pay Token (PAY) is relevant...

- 12 February 2018 ( Bitcoin Singapore Meetup)
- 16 February 2018 ( Bitcoin SuperConference)
- 20 March 2018 (Token2049 Hong Kong)
- More on the 28th and finally a new card issuer on the 31 March 2018. ( TenX Pay Token issues a debit card that can be used with many different cryptocurrencies)

This will be a long term trade, for a strong and long term coin with a real and useful product.

Let's look at the trading instructions (this is more of a fundamentals based trade rather than chart indicators, so we won't be looking at those this time around).

*** TenX Pay Token Trade Analysis by Alan Masters

Trade instructions

Buy-in range: 0.000190 - 0.000255

Feel free to buy as much as you want. If this coin is added to Binance, this will be one big party. If not, this is still a very strong coin / trade and lots of big developments are coming in the following days, weeks and months.


(1) 0.000319
(2) 0.000399
(3) 0.000556
(4) 0.000783
(5) 0.001149
(6) 0.001410
(7) 0.001743
(8) 0.002702 (New all time high)

Note: If you are going long term, sell small on the first two targets.

Stop-loss: 0.000176

Note: If you want to go long term, you can use 0.000144 as stop loss in case the coin goes down.

*** Message: Dedication

Dedication is when you want something, with or without the support of the world.

When you strive to get it, putting your mind, soul and body, into it. Giving it everything in order to fulfill your goals.

Dedication is not about hard working or hard work. It is not about meditation. It is about achieving, regardless of the method, everything that you want.

It might require concentration and hard work, yes, but that is not what dedication is. Dedication is the feeling that it can be hard, easy or long, no matter what happens, you enjoy the ride, in the end you will always win.

I am dedicated to sharing with you what I think can be profitable, for you and me.

My dedication makes me happy, because I know for sure that we can both win.

Me and You my friend. Now & Always...

Comment: TenX Pay Token News Update (Video YouTube)

Here is a video news update, for your entertainment and awareness of this token product and history:
Trade active: For a slow trading day, PAY is doing well... Nice close on the last 1H candle (short term). News coming tomorrow and next week... We are still within buy-in range.

Feel free to buy-in, re-buy and reload.
Trade active: I am still holding TenX Pay for LONG.
It goes against Bitcoin, so when Bitcoin moves up it moves down. So for now we hold.

I am not using the stop loss here even if it hits, because I am holding it for long. But you can activate your stop loss if you see the price crashing down hard.

I believe we will see action in the near future. Please allow this trade time to develop.
Comment: Our trade has reached stop loss. I am personally holding for LONG.

I am using this decline in price as an opportunity to rebuy and reload.

You can close this trade if you like at a loss. I rather hold & wait and sell later down the road for profit.
Comment: TenX PAY is waking up strong. Here is the 4 hours chart:
I will track for a few days and post an updated trade idea, as promised, with new entry points, updated targets and more if a new trend is established.
Comment: I will be giving you an update soon.
Trade closed manually: Updated targets for TenX Pay Token.

Please post your questions, comments, likes, shares and follow in this new trade idea (just click on the image below):
Comment: TenX PAY is now moving with great momentum...
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What a lousy call.
+7 Reply
I've been tracking your calls for a few months now, not doing so good bro. Namaste p.s. I'm probably no better but how in the heck you made it to the top list is curious. Buy Bitcoin and litecoin for best hodling.
+4 Reply
AlanSantana CrytpoKotter
@CrytpoKotter, It is because of the message, and the money of course. The entire market is going down, so it is normal that prices are going down. It is the members that ask for these trades. So I shared them, and they click it and I get to top. I don't mind waiting.
Don't u think it a bad idea to trade in a bear market. Why not give ideas on how to short
+4 Reply
RaduV Vinylman
@Vinylman, markets are very unstable. For example, yesterday market was giving bearish signs today turned bull, so short signals would have gone bad. It's been like this for the past month...
@RaduV, I have to disagree. We've been going down like a steamroller since December. It's going to take some serious money to turn this place around
RaduV Vinylman
@Vinylman, Yes, we are in a bearish trend since Dec. But bearish market means cheap buy opportunities for long-term strong alts. That's exactly the situation for Pay. Please see my chart as of 17 Dec (so just about when this huge correction started). Note the evolution of PAYBTC all the way through this massive still went up didn't it? That's a good hint of what will happen after the correction is over.
Are you sure about that? We still don't know if BTC is bullish yet!! Plus all your previous ideas failed to hit their targets! We might see another dip for BTC!
+3 Reply
AlanSantana nawrasbtc
@nawrasbtc, Read the trade idea... That all has been taken into consideration.

Also please allow this, and any other trade, time to develop.
+6 Reply
MichaelPRoach nawrasbtc
@nawrasbtc, The nice thing about Trading view, you can go back and look at Alan's trades and validate what you want. His trades hitting targets can easily be traced and followers keep history on them to verify his success rates. Easily found if you ask around. @AlanSantana keep focus and disregard this trolling, bad energy and operating on scarcity.