Ardor (ARDR) Huge Potential for a Quick Trade

POLONIEX:ARDRBTC   Ardor / Bitcoin
While Bitcoin fights to get out of its downtrend, we can make some time for a quick trade. Ardor (ARDR) is the coin of choice.

We are going to aim for a modest return for this trade and we will do it relatively fast, this will be a short term trade.

>>> Ardor (ARDR) Trade Indicators

Here we take a look at the signals that support our trade. We normally look at chart formation, candlesticks , the MACD indicator, trend lines and much more. These signals can tell us if a coin is likely to go up or down.

** Let's start with the order book. Looking at Ardor order book on Bittrex, I can see very strong support around the 5500 satoshis level, and not much resistance to go up. Not having huge sell walls on the order book is a good signal for positive upward movement, it means that there are not too many sell orders to break through, so this increases the chances of going up strong once momentum starts to build.
** Looking at the chart above, there are a few things to notice, we will do this quickly, as I expect this to be a short term trade.
** After several weeks of going straight down, Ardor had a break earlier today and we saw a huge jump in price. This jump coincides with the TD indicators count. A new count is starting, we are at candle #1.
** The RSI bounced strong before reaching the oversold levels, and the STOCH and DMI are already trending up. The MACD is curving, but still needs more work.
** The chart is telling that we can have another few positive days. We will use this information to our advantage. This is all based on the daily chart , the chart above is a 4h chart, to better enjoy the action. Let's trade this coin.

>>> Instructions

Buy-in: 0.000051 - 0.000060


(1) 0.000064
(2) 0.000068
(3) 0.000073
(4) 0.000080

Stop-loss: 0.0000453

Trade strategy: The goal is to make some quick profits. A short term trade. To have some fun and entertain ourselves while we wait, for the market to be back, for the opportunities that we deserve. So feel free to sell anytime you find yourself in a good spot.

>>> Message: Growth

What is growth? How can you explain this?

Growth is to learn to be free, in every possible way.

Growth is accepting your own life, and letting others live theirs.

Growth is the understanding, that you get from being alone.

Growth is the joy that is appreciated, when you share with the ones you love.

Growth can be explained as the feeling of knowing that life is going on.

It doesn't matter what really happens, in the end you will always be more.

A kiss for you today... With much, much love...

Trade active: ARDR looks strong and still open for its run up. Right now we are accumulating to try another run.

The daily chart looks good but it needs more work.

Shorter term we are going sideways, accumulating for the next step.

We are still within buy in range, feel free to buy in, re-buy and reload.

Thanks for your continued support.
Comment: Suddenly, it started dropping hard. No panic needed, just wait it out.
If the drop becomes too strong, just make sure to activate your stop loss.
Comment: Ardor is looking solid and pushing up even with Bitcoin losing momentum... this is a good sign.

We are still within our buy in range. So feel free to buy-in, re-buy and reload. This is a good trade and coin.

Thanks for your continued support.
Trade active: Looks like we are still looking for support and it is being found.

Please allow this trade time to develop.

Here is our sideways channel:
Trade closed: stop reached: This trade is closed now. My stop loss was activated.

If you want to trade this coin for long, you can still HOLD it and use the targets above to sell. This coin should be back on track in a matter of weeks.

I will revisit again in the future.
Comment: New Ardor (ARDRBTC) Trade:
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well, those who paid and thought it was too much, OPEN your eyes, his name is 'alanmasters', not 'alangods', LOL, if everything he posted runs up immediately, his service charge won't be that reasonable and will not give advice to people like you.
+4 Reply
Alan, you've made a lot of people suffer. You charged me 0.06btc but your trade ideas going down the drain everyday. May karma hit you hard..
+4 Reply
@JZRadz, no-one forcing you to trade on these ideas - this market is even more volatile than usual. I looked at charts and I would've bought in if everything (BTC mainly) more 'stable' but in this time I recommend doing nothing until more positive price action.
+6 Reply
glencc rebelbassnz
@rebelbassnz, Alan, is that you? :)
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AlanSantana rebelbassnz
@rebelbassnz, I agree with you. The market is not that good right now. I am putting out some trades, which are more risky than usual, for those interested in trading even with these conditions.

More opportunities will come in the near future. We will have plenty of trades, with plenty of coins sitting at the bottom, waiting for the market to fully correct, so that they can start to move up.

@JZRadz, You made yourself suffer by putting the responsibility of your portfolio on someone else.

The ideas posted are 100% of the time solid trade "ideas" based on TA.

No trade is a guarantee win. The market will do what it wants.

Alan didn't force you to pay .6btc or to buy in to his trades.

Grow up & put on your big boy pants if you want to trade crypto.

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mrow JZRadz
@JZRadz, He never held a gun to your head to pay him or put your money on his trade ideas. He is not an oracle, he interprets trading charts, that is all. He does not control the markets. He also doesn't control you bank account and what you actively choose to spend your money on. Take responsibility for your actions, if you do not like his advice, learn technical analysis yourself. I lost money on one of his trades ideas, it was his idea, but a trade I made. I am responsible for my trade, I am responsible to conduct my own research, I am also responsible if I do not conduct my own research. I make the choice.

May responsibility for YOUR actions hit you hard...
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@JZRadz, I was in the same position as you once, maybe twice. I tried following @AlanSantana trade ideas but ended up on the wrong side of most trades almost every time. Not his fault; the market changes swiftly. As you know, the market is giving us an opportunity to align our positions at a realistic scale (via market correction). I’ve decided to stop following and start making my own analysis. It’s basic. You’re making 2 investments: 1) time invested to analyze opportunities and 2) calculated investment positions informed by your own analysis. Good luck out there and remember, you’re responsible for your own trades & have fun.
@JZRadz, sheep are for food.. And you deserve to be eaten.. sorry do your own research
Syed01 JZRadz
@JZRadz, true