TenX Pay - Buy Zone - Volume Increased + Huge Profits Potential

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
TenX Pay Token (PAY) - Buy Zone - Low Risk + Huge Profits Potential

Order Book & Volume Increased

You Can Buy Now form 13500 - 15000

Hold for The Targets

Short Term Potential Targets

1 = 18700 - 22400
2 = 26150 - 29100

Mid Term Potential Targets

1 = 29400 - 33110
2 = 35250 - 39840

Long Term Potential Targets

1 = 47000 - 55000
2 = 60000 - 72000

Good Luck
Comment: Target 1 & Target 2 Reached
Comment: Welcome to My New Telegram Channel - Join & Wait For Coming strong Signals Very Soon
Comment: Welcome to My New Telegram Channel - Join & Wait For Coming strong Signals Very Soon


Target 3 would be amazing :)
i've burned so much money on PAY it's not even funny anymore..
tenx and julian hosp dont care about the token at all.. the whitepaper has calculation errors when it comes to the returns and those promised returns will never happen because they need to avoid that pay is seen as security...

sooo.. where are we? there is the open promise to start shipping the new cards in march... not much time left.. and there is the promise on adding a LOT of tokens to the wallet (LTC for example was promised in march)

aaaand.. there is the re-structure of the token in order to give it value and it seems there is no real plan for it only some suggestions...

on the positive side julian hosp recently bought 160,000 PAY tokens... could be a publicity stunt to simulate trust in the token or.. he is expecting something good soon..
youmadbro valueerror
@valueerror, Julian said they will give an Update at the end of this. i totally can relate to you, a lot of promises and cheap talk lately from julian.. anyway, i think they will deliver soon, maybe not exactly in march, but in the first half of april, i would guess.. i bought a few more today :) those bags are good for my biceps
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youmadbro youmadbro
@youmadbro, "Update at the end of this WEEK" forgot a word..
It is very slow. It's been a year since it hasn't moved. It's totally shit coin..but thanks for the ta
@FRXMACHNE, Hold if you have some , it should spike soon , good luck