PAYS entry 6.90 - 8.60

NASDAQ:PAYS   Paysign, Inc
Paysign has been in a decline lately, despite a series of earnings beats and really strong earnings growth. With some recent analyst upgrades, the stock is rated 9.1/10 by analysts. With several recent upgrades, sentiment seems to be improving. S&P Global Intelligence scores it 85/100 for its valuation, although both the P/E of 81.55 and the forward P/E of 43.62 look high at the current price. PAYS has some support from past volume in the 6.90 - 8.60 range and should be a decent buy anywhere in this zone. Watch the trend line for signs of a bullish reversal.
Comment: Wow. Up 6% on this already!
Trade closed: target reached: With Paysign meeting resistance around 9.90, I went ahead and took profit (15% total) on this trade. Cheers to anyone who went in with me!

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