Platinum - 2nd Target achieved ✔️✔️

NYMEX:PL1!   Platinum Futures
This was our FIRST VIDEO of the year, maybe watch it now if you haven't already. Trading 101 paid profits and dividends twice.

Now let's go for more - 2 target profits left: here

My friend Kaush says that:

It’s 8% away from its 20 ema
it’s pullbacks have been roughly 13%
in the past max it’s gone is 10% away from its 20 ema before doing a pullback

What does that mean? Well, it is basically a train going 300 miles per hour. Hard to get on it, happy to be on it. The secret is to buy the dips at the right price (that's why we share with you here).

what's next? #platinumlongterm 👈

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