GEM: $PLANET - backed by Lionel Messi?

The bear market seems to be over for stocks, thus I'm hunting gems in crypto. PLANET seems to be an interesting project given its efforts for the environment (hot topic atm) and unofficial backing from star football player Lionel Messi. They are still very new and only at a 68 million market cap (fully diluted) - thus anything can happen from here.

I decided to put in a little play money - it's a very high risk play: hero or zero - so do your own research and check their official sources first to make up your own mind. Technically it looks decent, higher lows and higher highs and if(!) Messi backs it publicly (he did post a teaser video already about PLANET on his instagram) we could see an impulse up. First target would be the 4.236 extension which equates a 230% pump.

It's early, only 5K holders so this project could be moon or doom. Give it a look and decide for yourself if it's interesting for you or not.
*hits ATH
Trade closed manually:

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