Huge return on platinum for the next couple years

TVC:PLATINUM   CFDs on Platinum (US$ / OZ)
This forecast is for investors, now you look at the global events and find some volatility on gold and silver prices as a safe haven also platinum has the same rule but what makes platinum is the best opportunity right now is the current price has fallen enough to reach the desired support
at 770 $- 820$ area I expect the price to continue going down the path to these levels.

Platinum’s prices are likely to rebound since it's used in manufacturing. It also has a future in renewable energy requests. As an investment, platinum may be useful in a variety of ways, including hedging and speculating. However, If you want to include platinum or any of the precious essences in your portfolio, I will recommend that.

For the position, I recommend a buy order on 770-820 level
with 1 Buy limit order at 590 -620 area with the same amount of the first position

last Buy limit at 405- 425 area just in case the price make a strong move against us with 4x amount of the first position

Our targets::
1ST Target 1284 $ - 1320 $ area
2nd Target 1850 $ - 1900 $ area
The Period of investment starts from 6 months to 3 years (estimated)
I had given you the areas letting you manage your position
Commitment to strategy will bring you the best benefit of the strategy

we expect 130% to 250% return for 3 years of investment