"Never fall in love with a stock; always have an open mind."

NYSE:PLTR   Palantir Technologies Inc
"Never fall in love with a stock; always have an open mind." Peter Lynch

I started this article with this quote because I want my followers to know it before what I am going to recommend next.
I believe one of the best stocks to trade in the market is Palantir, and if I want to choose only one stock to trade that would be PLTR ..!
Because I can predict its price movements and it is also volatile & liquid enough to create multiple trading opportunities!
I did not fall in love with Palantir, but it has certain criteria that make it a perfect choice..!

1- Liquidity: 32 Billion dollars average monthly volume price for a 45 billion dollars company!
2- Patterns that do not happen at random..!

let's review another quote:
Jim Simons: "We have three criteria: If it's publicly traded, liquid, and amenable to modeling, we trade it."

Now let's review my best Palantir analysis:
These analyses will show you how my Neutral-Mindset helped me to see the best trading opportunities in the market..!
While fake YouTubers talk about astronomical numbers and try to pump the stock, I use technical analysis to make the most out of it in both directions..!
I published at least 5 short analyses on Palantir..!

10/ 05 /2021:(today) Buy signal at 23.12 only 5 cents above daily low, accuracy 0.002

Oct 4th, 2021:

September 28, 2021

Sep 15, 2021:

Aug 9, 2021:

July 29,2021:

June 29, 2021:

May 6, 2021:

February 17, 2021;

Jan 22, 2021: Call option with 285% in 4 hours..!

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