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Looking at the chart above, I realize this can look just like a few ugly senseless lines on a screen.... but we can actually find meaning in this.

This is the PotCoin ( POTBTC ) chart on the weekly (W) timeframe, each candle goes for 1 week (7 days).

What this chart is telling us here if we look at it with the inquirer mind wondering what is it that will happen next... If we understand how to read the codes we might figure it out and translate it so it can make sense...

You want me to keep it simple?

PotCoin will continue to grow and it will do so for longer than you would expect...

This is not financial advice of course...

Comment: Jan. 28 | PotCoin Is Moving... Patience Is The Key To Win (Trade inside)

Dec. 17, 2019 | (POTBTC | 234% - 2201%) PotCoin PREMIUM Trade
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