1. Identifying the Downtrend:
A downtrend is characterized by a series of lower highs and lower lows. Upon analyzing the price chart of Praj Industries, it's evident that the stock has been declining over a certain period. This downtrend is marked by a consistent pattern of lower highs and lower lows, indicating selling pressure and overall bearish sentiment in the market.

2. Double Bottom Formation:
e observe the formation of a double bottom pattern within this downtrend. A double bottom pattern is a bullish reversal pattern that typically forms after an extended downtrend and signifies a potential trend reversal. In the case of PRAJIND , we identify two distinct troughs (bottoms) formed at approximately the same price level, separated by a peak (intermediate high). This formation suggests that selling pressure may be waning, and buyers are stepping in at the same support level twice, indicating a potential shift in sentiment from bearish to bullish.

3. Confirmation and Trade Setup:
To confirm the validity of the double bottom pattern and initiate a trade, we look for a breakout above the neckline. The neckline is drawn by connecting the highs between the two troughs of the double bottom pattern. Once the candle closes above the neckline, it serves as confirmation of the pattern completion and signals a potential entry point for a long trade.

4. Target Projection:
The target for the trade can be estimated by measuring the distance from the lowest low (bottom) of the double bottom pattern to the neckline. This distance is then added to the breakout point (the neckline) to project a potential upside target.


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