intraday cream

NASDAQ:PRPO   Precipio, Inc
While I'm a big proponent of free speech I don't like the word 'scalping' to describe intraday trading. Who the f came up with that f ing term? -conjures up some dark & evil shit in history. We have some real quality Wall St. d bags to thank for that. Anyway, this trade in PRPO today; some really nice clockwork in & out trades, she's pivoting well off the oscillators. folks you need PREMIUM to really get some good vantage of the 30s & 15s where some fast money can be made. Paid for my sub to premium just trading this beast move today. Cheers 🤙🏽
Comment: finished solid, blew out the doors on it's upper regression at the close, great volume all day good lawd 💪🏼