Patientoty [PTOY] Long opportunity

BITTREX:PTOYBTC   Patientory / Bitcoin
As we can see almost all the alternate coins are showing exactly the same pattern after the starting of Bitcoin's downward trend since May. Actually you may get almost on all top 100 crypto-currencies the same pattern in the following 1 to 2 weeks. The same falling wedge pattern is shown in PTOY chart. This time the bullish engulfing candle stick also give a positive potential of a rally in the very near future. So by this you can also try your analysis on this market situation since as said above almost 90% of alts are showing the same behaviour.
Entry Level : 1020 sats to 1115 sats
Possible Targets
Target 1 : 1257 sats
Target 2 : 1483 sats
Target 3 : 1667 sats
Target 4 : 1850 sats
Target 5 : 2110 sats
Target 6 : 2443 sats
Good Luck.
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