COINMETRICS:QNT_MARKETCAPFF   QNT: The sum USD value of the current free float supply. (MARKET CAP)
After correctly giving you the Bitcoin and Chainlink bottom, I think it's time to look at some other alt coin opportunities. One project I'm definitely bullish on is Quant Network: $QNT.

Very low max supply of around 14M coins, no inflation but above all currently heavily involved in Project Rosalind, a joint experimentation of the Bank of England and The Bank for International Settlements (which is the central bank of central banks). Besides that, involved in the Latin American Dollar and the Digital Euro. Founder Gilbert Verdian is a veteran in cybersecurity (ex-Mastercard, HM Treasury, HSBC and more) and blockchain standards already since around 2015 and founded ISO Standard TC307.

Fundamentally solid although they're working in space packed with NDA's so I don't expect news anytime soon. Yet, Quant is looking to be the standard gateway for banks to connect their old infrastructure to the cryptoecosystem and CBDC's - whether you're a fan or not of these digital currencies - I rather make a buck on them if they're coming anyway.

Market cap chart of QNT looks the cleanest, and it looks like it's coiling up to pump to the next fib level at 3.618 during the next bull run - which equals a 47x from here. Check Quant out and decide yourself whether it's interesting or not.

Good luck!

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