NYSE:QS   QuantumScape Corporation
QS took a big pullback the other week when they announced a public share offering, however, QuantumScape Corporation additionally recently announced it has successfully met the technical milestone that was a condition to close for the investment of an additional $100 million by Volkswagen Group of America Investments, LLC ("VW") into QuantumScape. Has Support at the $48.13 level as well as the .786 fib level which makes for a very strong support. Biden's clean energy infrastructure bill should also benefit QuantumScape. Bounced off the 200day MA on the 6month chart while Bollinger Bands are simultaneously squeezing.
PT1- $54.50
PT2- $60.12


65 next week
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@superhumankm, Whats up?
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@josiason17420, buried pretty much under QS