Radium Hardfork massive 400% gain?

Radium RADS comes with a Hardfork at the end of this month and early March.
I think we will soon see a bullish moment with a profit of 400%

Current circulation supply is 3,448,207 RADS. That is almost as little as zcash.
maximum total supply 9,000,000 RADS

And the market price is now about $ 6. I think that a 400% gain is easy to make. and maybe 1000% in the longer term

It is my idea how I think about it. Here under some info about the hardfork.

Following on from the successful SmartChain governance votes on our proposed Radium Core protocol upgrade proposals (you can read about this here) we would like to share our rough time frame for the various updates we have planned.

The plan is to split the upgrade into two phases. Phase 1 will consist of hard fork level changes to the Radium protocol and Phase 2 will be consist of porting the Radium Core wallet to a Stratis codebase. For more details please see below.

Phase 1: Hard fork current C++ codebase

Implementing the approved developer fund subsidy and increase in block maturity requirements are protocol changes which require a hard fork of the Radium Network. In the interest of time this will be done before we transition to the Stratis C# codebase.

Below is a non-extensive list of what we have planned for this protocol update:

Increasing coin stake maturity requirements
Implementing a developer fund block subsidy
Adjusting our inflation curve to reflect the introduction of a developer block subsidy in order to keep the maximum total supply of Radium at 9,000,000 RADS
Increasing the size of op_return transactions
Improved initial node discovery
Once the improvements have been implemented and fully tested, we will post a full changelog for additional review. This new version will be referred to as Radium v1.5.0, and we expect completion of testing early next year.

As with all our forks, we will be providing ample time (4–8 weeks) for both our users and critical infrastructure (exchanges, explorers, etc.) to update their nodes and software.

Phase 2: Stratis C# Codebase

Phase 2 will consist of porting our codebase to a Stratis C# implementation. We are in communication with the Stratis core developers and will strive to have a Radium C# implementation as soon as Stratis releases their production version. Although we don’t have an exact timeline for when this will happen (we have been informed it will likely be 2–3 months) we would like to have this ready in the first half of 2018.

We would also like to add that we are working diligently on getting a new website ready as well as working with various members of the community and external consultants to develop the Radium brand and increase our exposure and impact through marketing. More details on this soon.