REEF/USDT Broke out Resistance and now 300% Potential

#REEF/USDT TA Update:-

$REEF currently trading at $0.025
And now finally broke out all time major resistance.

Now I am super bullish on $REEF

Entry:- $0.0200-$0.025
Targets:- $0.0277/$0.0365/$0.0455/$0.0560/$0.088

SL:- Below White Line support

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Purchased, leader 0.02276626 USDT GOOD !!!
350 coins
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@MADE7, thank you sir for your love and support.
it's a temporary rise
drop is under progress dude
but yeah reef has not experienced proper growth
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CryptoPatel reza_1515
@reza_1515, maybe you are right
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i say probably that temporary rise hasn't happened yet since btc hasn't touched 46 and market may experience drop at the incoming hours if btc can't keep going higher
but totally till btc didn't touched lower than 30 i don't get bullish however side can keep going in 30_31 as support
this is my opinion
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CryptoPatel reza_1515
@reza_1515, yes dear
if btc crossed 43000 then good bullish
*side can keep goin and 30_31 would be support
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Hi, the REEF project is very undervalued right now. In my opinion 0.08 cents is just a matter of time. After this region there will be price discovery which can reach 0.30 cents. If the project will also have deflation than it can reach some day 1$ even. Still holding Reef for long term.
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Can you do analysis on TFUEL as well?
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CryptoPatel HelloWorld736
@HelloWorld736, ok sir