CME_MINI:RTY1!   E-Mini Russell 2000 Index Futures
Overbought on MFI and RSI on my short term chart, NQ and ES RSI are just barely touching overbought so gonna wait until tomorrow to short.

Slept in because I missed the long boat yesterday, lol. No positions. At this point it's a bit late to chase the pump.
Comment: My guess is dip tomorrow and another pump Thu. If they pump tomorrow I'm shorting EOD.

Doubt the market can melt up with CPI numbers coming out next week.
Comment: Also, it's already overbought so it can dump as soon as this afternoon. If you're long, lock in some profits
Comment: I'm bearish on Chinese ADRs because their market was closed last night and they're all up big. Doubt that the Chinese market will hold such a big gap up