SAND at breakout level ???

Will SAND breakout from here???

When we look at the SAND-USDT chart we can see that SAND sits in a symmetrical triangle which most of the time breaks out to the top.
My fist target is the 4h 200 Moving average @ 0.42 and hopefully find support on the .328 fib.

My targets for the long run:
°0.384 (.382 fib)
° 0.449 (.5 fib)
° 0.515 (.618)
° 0.608 (.786)
° 0.664 (.886)
° 0.727 (1)

Don't forget to get profit or set alerts when we hit the next fib levels.
You can always buy it back when it is tracing back to a lower support level . It will not go in one straight line up.
Also keep a close eye on BTC . If BTC starts to pump it is better to move some of your profits into BTC .
Your end goal should always be to increase your BTC amount.

Cheers and have fun.
° Be Patient – Don’t panic – Trade Emotionless.
° Never lose a winning trade. You can always get back in later.
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