Why is Shib not moving🤔but the market shows signs of growth?

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Hola shib fans - Here today to answer a question from a follower, that question is:

"What the he!! is going on with shib are we crash are we getting ready for a pump to the moon help I would like to know should I buy or not"

Answer: Simply put we are in danger of heading to another perhaps hard crash in the coming days - currently we are consolidating prepping for what looks to be a pump to the 900 - 1000 giving shib it's first ever green september. However; it could be in fact a possible dump in the process of falling to the lower 650's.

Reason: Well simply put - don't rely on the shib chart for answers to this question, sadly we need to view 3 different cryptos to know for certain, the main culprit is in fact BTC - but it is slowly trying to recover on the 4 hour chart but the day chart is likely moving to high to fast, and eventually will meet a unwelcome retreat back to the 25k or less, and in the process taking Shib inu with it.

reason for it is:

The Bitcoin network is experiencing the longest period of block fullness in history, data shows that there are currently more than 461,000 pending transactions, which means continued congestion on the Bitcoin network will further affect the confirmation of low-value transactions - this explains the current downtrend we've been experiencing even though BTC been getting a lot falling in its favor and still crash - So basically back orders finally build up like a blood clot - so no telling how many orders were sells or buys till it drops down to half that amount.

And if you notice Shib has done this 8 times in the past 2 months before.

It would look as tho it was progressing with high potential to break the barrier that keeping shib and other cryptos from rising. Only to slowly burn away without notice that it's burning. Like Methanol as an invisible fire you can't see it but it's happening.

So the question is, is there a bull run on the horizon or are we still in bear country.

Currently I can not give a full answer, some charts including Bitcoin are showing signs of wanting to break away from the lower levels, however, things are not as they seem as they are also showing signs of much lost of support in areas where support would be the needed currently to prevent further crashing to the Shib - 400 range. It's a possibility we may get the support but the real question is when?

Should you Wait - Buy - Sell - Hold - at this point and time I would say buy but for a short sell or hold if you have sustained loses already, Shib maybe doing a slow burn so there will be gains to be made, but regardless you are at the lower 700's which is basically a safe zone for shib it may go lower but it always seem to return to the 700 mark if it does crash - which in my opinion is likely to happen soon.

So make the best of it and buy more if it does indeed crash.

But for now I will list my findings and show what paths we may be taking in the next few days to weeks.

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BTC day chart paths
ETH day chart paths
XRP day chart paths
SHIB day chart paths
As you can see it could go anywhere at this point and time, but still too soon to say, I believe by the 24th we will have a definitive answer as to if it will go to the moon or continue to fall down into further bear country.

As of this post Shib is currently on the mend once again with random support intervolves - but sadly this may not be enough to push shib past the 750 range, as the weekly chart is still showing signs of major decline on all crypto markets, we'll see how things will develop but as of writing this.

Shib has gone from the 715's to the 730's, it will likely close today at the 740's as of the 23rd of September.
However the slow invisible burn did the same process two separate ranges ago, started at the 850's then dropping to the 800's then rising back to the 840's then dropping to the 790's - and so on and so forth, but with each rise, more and more the completion prices / closing prices would get less and less, so I came to the conclusion that shib maybe in the middle of a slow burn running down to the next line of dropping, we would need a major rally to force shib out of this pattern of false uptrending only to face a major downtrend - but then again I could be wrong.

If I am - we will discover this by the 24th as signs are pointing to a major rise in price. So to you I say - Buy at your own risk but be ready for anything shib-fans.

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